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You have made a great decision to bring your child/children in for their Christmas Photos! We have 2 themes going this year. We loved them both and couldn't decide so we are doing both!

The first is the outdoor set. It's adorable, cozy, and Charming. It's a tree farm set. the colors are green from trees, then splashes of red/black plaid. What may look good with this is cream colors, fur, earthy tones.

The second set is in the studio and is simply magical! Most of the work is done after the shoot, in post production and editing I'll do the finishing touches. To get a good picture in your head, Visualize your child laying on the floor over a magical book. There will be rays of light coming up from the book as if the book is magical, such a bible, harry Potter type. What your child wears is not as important as the outdoor set as we will only see head and shoulders in these photos.

Please email me to see a mock up of both fantastic sets at: (this form wouldn't let me upload images)

You can choose to do one or the other or both sets. First set is $35 for the first child...$10 per each additional child, If you choose both sets there is an additional $15 1st child and $5 per additional child. 

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These are not your typical Christmas Photographs 

But they are sure leave a lasting impression. 

This year do something a little different, leave the lines at the mall to others who enjoy that. 

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